Sustainable Development

HiSky does not work in isolation from its surrounding environment locally, regionally and globally. We believe that being successful is intrinsic to playing a positive role and making a proactive contribution in developing the community where HiSky operates. We closely collaborate with NGOs, governmental entities, civil society and international development programmes to ensure that our values and services extend, beyond pure business and profits, to benefit those around us. We provide services such as:

  • Provision of basic minimum and development needs as a cornerstone in the overall country sustainable development efforts;

  • Advocacy and resource mobilization for community-based initiatives;

  • Development of project proposals and provision of full project management and logistics services; and

  • Partnering with local NGOs, international development organizations and governmental entities in different fields including education and healthcare.

Examples of projects and interventions


HiSky has always been keen to play a proactive role in the sustainable development of Egypt and the region utilizing its networking, consultancy and project management expertise. 

Along those lines, HiSky has been successful in mobilizing resources from international private sector to develop education in the North Western Desert in Egypt. A school has been renovated and reconstructed in Al-Alamin in the Egyptian North Coast. HiSky mainly attracted funding of the project, carried out relevant studies, as well as facilitated and managed the project and operations. 

Solid waste management

Partnering with a local NGO, private sector and development funding agencies, e.g. USAID, HiSky provided consultancy, problem- solving and strategy development for the waste management problem in Egypt. 

HiSky developed a proposal and concept note for solid waste management in four Egyptian villages as a pilot project. Resources were mobilized and USAID approved US$ 1.5 million grant for this project. The project included cleaning, sorting and management of solid waste. The initiative was temporarily interrupted due to some financial policies affecting NGOs in Egypt under the current political situation.


Clients and partners:

Resalet Nour Ala Nour (NGO), Egypt

International Finance Corporation, Egypt

Social Fund for Development, Egypt




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